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PlusCrack is a sharing Website and uploaders can share their files in our website. PlusCrack was created in 28-02-2012. when we created PlusCrack our main focus was on just to share windows software but now we have included games, movies, TV shows, ebooks, magazines and much more. Our main features been to make free download easy without providing any fake links and variety links to download. We are using from ads but only to cover our servers cost not for our own profit. PlusCrack is just a own way of helping people who can't buy software, movies....online, and that without buying premium account or anything. We are providing everything from software to games, movies to ebooks and much more and that also for free for ours own users with usage instruction. PlusCrack is a cloud based website which means that uploaders can't earn for sharing files hence we are providing cloud based download links for our website posts with high speed download links.


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