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BlueSoleil 10.0.417.0 x86/x64

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Best software for Bluetooth device managing and synchronizing...


If you want to use from all of Bluetooth abilities in your PC we recommend use from BlueSoleil, you can use from all services of Bluetooth like:file transfering between your PC and another PC or mobile phone, connect your PC to GPRS internet,... with this software...



Transfer files from your PC to mobile phones

Call to your mobile phone contact with Skype

Wirelss access internet

Synchronize data with another Bluetooth device(mobile, PC,...)

Get pictures from Bluetooth Digital Camera

Use Bluetooth wirelss Keyboard and mouse

Speedy Transfering

Print files with Bluetooth wirelss printer

View your mobile phone contacts in computer...


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Created Company:IVT Corporation

Price:EUR 19.99

Size:69 MB

How to use Patch:
Please Follow This Steps...
1:Before Installation of Setup Disconnect your PC Internet after this Install Setup Of BlueSoleil
2:After Installation Don't Run Software Or If you Runed Exit him From Your PC Desktop and Taskbar
3:Copy content of Patch folder and Paste him to Program installed Directory on your PC, run Patch.exe file(If you use from Windows 7, 8 and vista Please choose Run as Administrator option Before you open the Patch file from right click menu) and Click to Patch Button(Apply Patch)
4:Now you must block access of BlueSoleil from internet first of all run "Disable Activation.bat" file in administrator mode then go to your windows firewall and black all of inbound and outbound connections of BlueSoleil ".EXE" file, Now you can Use Free and Unlimited from this Software!!!


icon BlueSoleil x86/x64 Setup (69.82 MB)

icon BlueSoleil x86/x64 Setup (69.82 MB)


icon BlueSoleil 8.0.395.0 x86/x64 Patch (123.9 kB)

Multimirror link:

icon BlueSoleil 8.0.395.0 x86/x64 Patch (123.9 kB)

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