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Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro

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Connectify Hotspot PRO

Best and wonderful solution for sharing your computer internet with other devices over WiFi, IF you have a 4G internet on your computer(connected via a USB modem) you can easily share his connection with your other devices like Tablet, Smart Phones,... You not need to be an experienced Networking professional or you not need to buy and hardware just install Connectify Hotspot and start your home WiFi Hotspot, Also with this software you can share files(Drag & Drop) between connected devices to your Hotspot so Connectify Hotspot making small Wi-Fi network for you, You can use any type of internet connections like 3G, 4G, DSL, WiFi, Ethernet, cable,... with Connectify Hotspot.


Create a local WiFi network easily and fast
Share your internet connection with any other devices have Wi-Fi feature
Support from all of common internet connection type like: 3G, 4G, DSL, WiFi, Ethernet, cable and tethered cellphones
Share easily files between connected devices
Limit the internet bandwidth usage
Well-suited for activities that involve downloading multiple files such as BitTorrent and web browsing
Small size, too easy usage and user-friendly interface
Compatible with different editions of Windows

How to active

1. Unpack and install.
2. Read included install.txt file.
3. Enjoy!