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NOD32 / Smart Security / Endpoint Offline Update 9517 (2014.03.08) for v3.x v4.x v5.x v6.x v7.x

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ESET Offline Update

Eset company all security software have allot of users in the world and this products are't free so users must bye license of ESET product, For using free from this products we have two way first one is using from keys provided free in web and second is using from offline updates, Using from offline update files of ESET products is best way for those want use ESET free, Now PlusCrack team decided to provide each new release of ESET update files offline!

This type of updating is only for those users can't bye ESET products if you have ability to buy ESET products please click here.

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1. Not need to any activation, cracking or...
2. Not need to internet connection!
3. Working 100% without any problem.
4. Offline update is free and not need to any username and password!
5. Offline update files can update all of ESET company products!
6. Offline update can update ESET v3.x, v4.x, v5.x, v6.x and v7.x!

How to update

1. Download update file and unpack him in one of your drives(C).
2. Got to your ESET product(Antivirus or Smart security) and press "F5" button.
3. Select "Update" section from settings list.
4. Click to "Edit" button.
5. Enter update files directory path(ex:C:\ESET_Update) in "Update servers" field and click to "Add" button.
6. Now select your added path in "Update server list" box and click to "Ok" button.
7. CLike to "Ok" button of ESET settings window for applying changes and then update your ESET antivirus or smart security(Click to "Update Virus Signature database" in update section).
8. Enjoy!

Special note for ESET v5, v6 and v7 users:
Before anything(above steps) go to safe mode then go to below registry key:
Change value of "PackageFeatures" to:
For version 5 set to 1
For version 6 smart security change "53" to "51"
For version 6 Antivirus change "22" to "20"
For version 7 smart security change "53" to "54"
For version 7 Antivirus change "22" to "24"
This registry key changes make visible "Edit" button in Update setting in v5, v6 and v7.


Free and direct download ESET Nod32, Smart Security and Endpoint Offline Update from multiple and high speed hosts!!!

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